The cost of cosmetic brands. Please see the picture.
The cost in production. Promotions. The development of Formula & Recipe Lamb

Screen packaging. Label packaging. Box packaging.
The quotation.    


In the production of cosmetics. Pricing and discount according to the table below.

Packaging charges a minimum order of 100 pieces. Only available to customers who order with us.
  • Packaging bags, bottles and cartridges.
  • The labeling 1-2 side.
  • LOT/MFG Date of manufacture (printed on the label).
  • The film wrapped and sealed bottles no larger than 300 ml.
5 Baht piece (If the size over 300 ml. 1-2 Baht / Piece).
Packing box price depending on the difficulty in with folded boxes. 2-3 Baht / Box
Put the blade guide box or next to the product. 1 Baht / Piece
The soap packing, labeling, and overlaid the film. Baht / lump

The packing of goods and other special forms There may be additional services as appropriate.

1-5 Baht / Piece


Service fee for paperwork. Only available to customers who order with us.

Request new entrepreneurs (Takes 1-2 weeks)


  • The Copy of ID cards (2 set)
  • House registration (2 set)
  • Map shop or company of the customer.

Individual or company

  • The copy of Certificate of Company. (2 set)
  • The copy of VAT Registration (VAT20)(2 set)
  • The copy of the House registration of the company in which you are located or the shop. (2 set)
  • Map showing the location of the store or company where you are located.
  • Samples with 2 sets of labels. (on company-provided)
1500 Baht / code (first time only).

Announcement The new FDA. (takes 1-2 weeks)

  • A copy of the commercial register/company registration certificate.
  • A copy of house registration
  • A copy of ID cards
1500 Baht / formula (2-3 names to facilitate the request).

Request a certificate of sale. ( Certificate of free sales : CFS ) (takes 1-2 weeks)

  • Request CFS when Vendors bring products to sell abroad.
  • Request CFS China 5,000 baht / card.

2000 Baht / Product


Service design Only available to customers who order with us.
Logo Design

  • Product name (English or Thailand).
  • Mood and Tone that you want.
  • The format of the sample file by attaching a logo, logo or photo to guide designed to meet the needs of our customers can search via google guidelines.
500 Baht / Piece
Label Design

  • Product logo (English or Thailand).
  • Product name (English or Thailand).
  • Product type
  • Product details
  • Ingredient (based on the formula of registration)
  • How to use
  • Distributor
  • Manufacturer and location.
  • Time / date of manufacture / expiry
  • The receipt number (registration number)
  • Sale price
  • Warnings / instructions.
  • Net quantity
  • Logo (if any)
500 Baht / Piece
Soap Box Design 1000 Baht / Box
Cream Box Design
3000 Baht / Box

Product Brochure Design

(Only in Thailand The English customer must provide their own data).

4000  Baht / Model


Other service charges Only available to customers who order with us.
Developing new recipes and lamb recipes. 4000 Baht / formula
Find a model photo shoot with the product. 9000 Baht / 10 people, all of the 70-100 image.
Shooting video with the product. 9000 Baht / 5 people, all of the 5 Cilp
Print stickers, labels, waterproof, white / clear size 1 sq.m. / Die cut
700 Baht / Sq.m.

Packaging box

  • The price and minimum 500 / 1000 / 3000 / 5000 / 10000 box.
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When order cosmetics, over 20,000 baht (only the cream) free 2 service free of charge

  1. Logo design (1000 Bath)
  2. Label Design (1000Bath)

When order cosmetics, over 50,000 baht (only the cream) free 1 service free of charge

  1. Box Design (3000Bath)

When order cosmetics, over 80,000 baht (only the cream) free 1 service free of charge

  1. Developing new recipes and lamb recipes. (4000Bath)


The company can cancel a record number of products that are the customer of such an order. Consecutive period of 1 year, 

the Company reserves the right to change the fees without prior notice.**