frequently asked Questions In production of cosmetics

The right to own FDA whose

  • Every product FDA manufacturing company to the customer It belongs to the company Because the manufacturer is the company selling the rights sold. Advertising “. Will be the employer’s sole manufacturer  In making all our products are contract manufactured  The requirements are that the name of this product manufacturing company. This character, and you can’t sell goods that come with hiring itself produced to give customers the comfort of knowing that no matter how the customer will make the item or selling well? The manufacturer does not have permissions to bring the product to sell. In any case, unless permission is received from the customer prior to requesting only.

Individual naming of cosmetics

  • Individual naming of cosmetics.
  • Must not be named to the exaggerated? Disrespectful or may mislead from the truth.
  • Must not be misleading in essence about cosmetics.
  • Do not use a name that is appropriate to the culture of Thailand or x-rated, destroying valuable linguistic Thailand.
  • example, The name was not passed in the naming of cosmetics.
    • Judo (จูโด้) The reason may be misleading to read it and go into sexual.
    • Hair growth (แฮร์ โกล) That means making your hair grow, which makes it not a cosmetic hair growth Officials said that There is not a word growth Itself.
    • Varicose veins (เวรีคอส เวนส์) This means that varicose veins, which are not as cosmetics is as drugs reduce varicose veins.
    • Balsam is not considered a cosmetic. As medicine.
    • Banana (บานาน่า) This is the name that the media is not media is cosmetic.

About the payment

  • The payment is divided into 2 times in payment.
    • 1st installment payment before production 50%.
    • 2nd installment payments after delivery of goods to customers by 50% payments before shipment.

About the ask operator code

About CFS Request for export.

  • CFS is a document issued by the manufacturer claims. To claim that a product produced from.
  • CFS is a certificate for sale The people hired to sell cosmetic products are legal.
  • Products to sell on the international Request CFS (Certificate of Free Sale) every time.
  • Request to CFS every country is required to ask every time. If you want to sell to other countries not listed in the CFS. Be conducted for a new
  • CFS license for 1 year after the request. When asked about the new expiry be taken.
  • CFS is not a request to ensure the safety of the product. Certificates are only sold to the exporters.
  • The duration of the CFS 7-10 days to request the documents.

About the export of goods to foreign countries.

  • To export or sell goods abroad. Request to CFS every time.
  • Export management company will prepare a document used to export customers such as the CFS CoA MSDS Information or the goods on the country to ask. But the customer must send out a carry over.
  • Export customers are the ones who carry it all yourself. The contact carrier made of leaves Invoid price. And other documents

Excessive Advertising Requests

  • In all advertising channels. Customer outsourcing Employers are responsible for production costs and damages that occur. From advertising to Such fines However. The hype.

About the development of formulations and Lamb recipes

  • Employment in the formulation and lamb recipes. The formula for that is the customer’s sole. It will not develop a formula or recipe sheep to sell to other customers.
  • If the formula is similar. But they differ in substance put into it. Or color or odor The new formula will be considered automatically.
  • The formula employed customers or Lamb formula up. The company said all the ingredients in the recipe for our customers. But do not tell% of each substance is put into it. To prevent the client to produce more.
  • Formulation development outsourcing customers or Lamb formula, if a customer wants to buy formula. The% and chemicals and all the recipes have to be produced. Will be charged at THB 100,000 per recipe.

About the right to the product that the customer hired to produce.

  • Any product that customers hire produced. It is a formula or a recipe of sheep. Are considered to be the manufacturer. But can not sell or sold to others. Contract manufacturing
  • Any product that customers hire produced. It is a formula or a recipe of sheep. Employers have the right to sell, manufacture, marketing and advertising alone.