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Manufacture of cosmetics

Incosmax a new factory manufacturing cosmetics. Affiliates legend of product (LOP). With R & D professionals to innovate products, working in this field for more than 10 years. In the research and do the formula, Today, we rely on to get this business started, but we promise to make the best products and the best service is designed for entrepreneurs who want to make their own brand. Do you just need to try with an open mind, and a partner in the production of your product, along with many other promotions.

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INCOSMAX : Building a brand Sales and OEM production of cosmetics, both domestically and abroad. With international standards Is required by law Opened in 2018, is committed to producing a full range of cosmetic dermatology. Research offers new recipes to meet the needs of customers. And advanced manufacturing processes Safety standards To meet the needs of diverse clients in its entirety.

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Our services.

  1. Cosmetic manufacturing and a comprehensive service.
  2. Research and development of new formulations services according to customer’s requirement.
  3. Packaging design and feature packages
  4. Design services, labels, and product labeling and packaging.
  5. Labeling and packaging services.
  6. Consulting, marketing and distribution.

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Our Highlights “IN COSMAX”

  1. Production can be ordered in small amounts No need to stock many products
  2. Extract all of the factory incosmax  There is a standard research and certification.
  3. There is a great selection of cosmetic formula that 100 recipes.
  4. There are machines in modern production There are production control standards.
  5. Marketing consulting services.
  6. A research team formulated cosmetics. With over 10 years experience

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