“INCOSMAX” Factory Receiver Manufacturing-Cream kilo And Cosmeceutical

Cosmetic Manufacturing

Cosmetic manufacturing Factory Cream Receiver Branding  Selling Cream kilo And Manufacturing Cosmeceutical OEM Complete Both domestic and international By International standards Legally required Opened in 2015 There is a commitment In the cosmetic and Cosmeceutical manufacturing turnkey There is a new recipe research services according to the needs of our customers And with modern manufacturing processes. There are safety according to international standards To meet the needs of a wide range of customers You can start your business easily and No need to stock many products Start from only 30,000 baht only.

Cosmetic Manufacturing INCOSMAX Factory Cosmetic manufacturing plant freshman Which has Research and Development Experts invented products working in this field for more than 10 years.To make the recipe, Today, we rely on to get this business started, but we promise to make the best products and the best service is designed for entrepreneurs who want to make their own brand. Do you just need to try with an open mind, and a partner in the production of cosmetics, with any other promotion. Another very large companies that do not…..

Our Service In Cosmax’

  1. Production service Cosmetic manufacturing OEM complete
  2. Research service and development of new recipes. According to customer needs
  3. Packaging Design Services and Package 
  4. Label Design and Printing Services Product labels and packaging.
  5. services Labeling and Packing Product
  6. Consulting services, marketing and distribution.


Our Highlights “IN COSMAX”

  1. Production can be ordered in small amounts No need to stock many products
  2. Extract all of the factory incosmax  There is a standard research and certification.
  3. There is a great selection of cosmetic formula that 100 recipes.
  4. There are machines in modern production There are production control standards.
  5. Marketing consulting services.
  6. A research team formulated cosmetics. With over 10 years experience

In the development formulas ,or sheep cosmetic formulas
Customers must have samples Send the company every time.

>>Prices, services in the production of cream – Create a cosmetic brand<<

Incosmax  A cosmetics factory quality  Allows you to create cosmetic brand Cosmeceutical in the way you are OEM Complete Since the invention of formula  Manufacturing And as a consultant to guide the markets other.

5 easy steps in Branding with us LOPMETIC  Cosmetic Manufacturing

1.Select product formulations (Order up to 20,000 baht /Formula 1 Only the cream) Free 2 Order

  • FREE Logo design (500฿) Edited 3 times
  • FREE Label design (500฿) Edited 3 times

The production of all  ต้องจด FDA. ใหม่ With the value registered the FDA Per 1 name 1,500 baht 

2.Get product samples to trial.

  • The standard formula that already exists Test samples cost 300-500 baht.
  • The new formulation by improving the standard formula Test samples cost 1,000 baht.
  • Development of new or sheep new formula Operational 4,000 baht.

3.Select the cosmetic packaging.

  • Packing quantity.
  • Bottle format or  Jars or tubes And the lid.
  • Order the label And cosmetic boxes.

4.Order /Deposit Summarizes the entire purchase order  Before producing and placing deposit 50%

  • Value of cream The packaging fees.
  • Value Packing And package.
  • value Operational , if any

5.Manufacturing / delivery

  • Manufacturing – Then write the FDA document and proceed with the story – Packing, packaging
    In the case where the packaging is ready  It takes about 2-4 weeks.

After finished The factory will inform the customer before the delivery of the remaining 50% payment is required before delivery the goods will arrive in 1-3 day.

Now you can own-brand cosmetics cream is simple just 5 steps  With a factory standard  And, as an expert of the piers behind the brand cosmetics addict               lai brand. More than 10 years of experience with

Cosmetic Manufacturing